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The Upper Niagara River Rapids

Upper Niagara River Rapids  (Low Water) - March 31st 2014



Niagara Tunnel Project Dedication Plaque at Intake Site

Niagara Tunnel Project
Dedication Plaque

Niagara Tunnel Dedication Plaque at Intake Site




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Upper Niagara River Rapids

Upper Niagara River Rapids






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The Niagara Frontier has a remarkably rich heritage of International and natural history that has forever shaped our lives and future in peace and harmony.

Experience and learn about the best of the sights, sounds, attractions and accommodations that Niagara Falls has to offer.   

Did you ever wonder how old is Niagara Falls? How big is Niagara Falls? or how tall is Niagara Falls?

View the beautiful sights of nature's own masterpiece carved into the landscape by wind, ice and water over 12,000 years along the 7 miles (11 kilometers) of the Niagara River Gorge.

Hear the incessant roaring Thunder of Niagara and experience the awesome sights and feelings as 100,000 cubic feet of water per second rush over the edge of the Falls as waters from the Upper Great Lakes Basin empties over the 170 foot high precipice.

Visit Ontario's Niagara Parks and New York State's Reservation Park at Niagara Falls. See the Horseshoe Falls , the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. Walk amongst one of the finest and oldest parks in the world. Enjoy the balance of nature which has been preserved, protected and maintained by Canadians and Americans peacefully sharing the beauty and grandeur of the Falls of Niagara with International flavour. It is truly one of the most beautiful parklands in North America.

Niagara Falls is a treasure of natural and man made jewels that must be seen. Visit the many exciting and daring sites and attractions which highlight & compliment the very best Niagara Falls has to offer. These amazing sights and sounds can only be fully appreciated in person.

Aside from the natural wonder of the Falls themselves - the twin Cities of Niagara Falls boasts a large array of attractions for all ages.  Visitors can enjoy the many museums, amusement parks, gardens and parklands.  As well as learn about the various daredevils that have braved the challenge.  Or, for those that feel lucky - Niagara Falls is home to three Casinos.


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The Stranded Scow - March 31st 2014

The Stranded Scow



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 Niagara Falls Web Cams

Sheraton On The Falls
Falls Cam

Sheraton On The Falls
Bridge Cam

Hilton Fallsview Hotel Falls Cam

 Lake Erie Ice Boom

Fallsview Cam



Niagara Parkway

Niagara Parkway at
Dufferin Islands










The Whirlpool - April 1st 2014

The Whirlpool


Breaking Ice - A History of Ice Breaking on the Niagara River



Crash & Burn - The Ed Methot Story





The Illumination of Niagara Falls




Yesterday at Niagara Falls - Stories from the past
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Illumination Of Niagara Falls
August 10, 1844 [Baltimore Sun]

A visitor at the falls thus writes the editor of the Brooklyn Star:-

"The spray which rises from the horseshoe fall to a great height, I think contains a jet of hydrogen gas, and I regretted much that I had not brought a ball of plutonium sponge which I had prepared with a tube and a pole to place in this jet, thus igniting the gas and producing a blaze which would surpass in the splendor of its greatest coruscations the great hydrogen walls of the great Kenawha.,

The falls would make a splendid bonfire; and if I am right in supposing a column of hydrogen to pass upward from this cataract, the blaze would be almost perpetual."


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War of 1812-1814 BiCentennial Moments





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