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The following event dates listed below may have been based on former schedules and as such may not be entirely accurate. They are subject to change from year to year. The dates listed below will give you the viewer an approximate date for each. Please contact the respective Cities or Towns to confirm current year dates and status of these events.


The following locations and facts about them are but a few of many famous sites & attractions to be found in Niagara Falls. The best of it is FREE to think of Niagara Falls when planning your next vacation. If you have questions of a current or historical nature about the Niagara Falls area or suggestions feel free to e-mail Rick at







The Town of Fort Erie consists of 168 square kilometers and is located along the South-Eastern shore of Lake Erie at the Southern terminus of the Niagara River. With small town flavour and big city amenities, Fort Erie is located opposite the City of Buffalo New York. The International Peace Bridge connects both and is a major gateway into the Niagara Area. Population is 27,183 people. Attractions include:

Historic Old Fort Erie
A fully restored British garrison used during the War of 1812 to repel invading American forces. Fully restored to provide the visitor with life as a soldier in the early 1800's. It is located at the mouth of the Niagara River and overlooks the City of Buffalo.

Fort Erie Race Track
One of the premier thoroughbred horse racing tracks in Canada. Home of the Prince of Wales Stakes Race - July 30th (Second leg of the Canadian triple Crown).

Fort Erie Railroad Museum
Home to Canadian National Railway steam locomotive # 6218 and caboose for visitors to climb aboard to explore & enjoy. Museum is housed in old train stations circa 1873 & 1910.

Fort Erie Home Show - East End Arena (April 21st - 23rd)

Friendship Festival - Fort Erie & Buffalo (June 28th - July 4th)
An annual festival celebrating friendship with our American neighbors. Events for everyone & every Taste. Food & Beverages of every variety.

Annual Siege Weekend - Old Historic Fort Erie (August 12th - 13th)
Re-enactment of the siege at Fort Erie. One of the bloodiest battles during the War of 1912.


The Town of Grimsby consists of 68 square kilometers and is an agriculture based community located along the Western Border of the Niagara Peninsula on the Southern shores of Lake Ontario. A picturesque community nestled at the base of the Niagara Escarpment, Grimsby maintains a small town atmosphere with all the modern amenities of a much larger city. The Town of Grimsby has undergone a transformation with a substantial housing boom over the past ten (10) years. Grimsby is within commuting distance to much larger cities and maintains a lower cost of living making the town very desirable and attractive. Grimsby is situated on perhaps the most fertile ground found in Niagara. Specialty crops include many orchards of various tender fruit and grape vineyards. Grimsby has a population of 19,585 people. Attractions include:

Festival at the 40 (August 16th - 17th)
Wine gardens, barbecue & entertainment.



The Town of Lincoln consists of 163 square kilometers and is an agriculture based community that includes Vineland, Jordan, and Beamsville. The Town of Lincoln is located along the Southern shores of Lake Ontario between the Town of Grimsby and the City of St. Catharines. Primary crops at the base of the Niagara Escarpment are orchards of tender fruit, grape vineyards, and vegetables. Primary crops above the Niagara Escarpment include vegetables and various grains. The Town of Lincoln has a population of 118,801 people. Attractions include:

Ball's Falls Conservation Area - Vineland
A historical park consisting of old cabins, a church, and flour & grist mills. A beautiful nature area with many trails. Picnic area.

Maple Syrup Days - Vineland (March 12th - 26th)

Wood Carvers Heritage Festival - Ball's Falls Conservation Area (June 10th - 11th)

Lincoln County Fair - Beamsville (September 5th - 8th)

Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival - Ball's Falls Conservation Area (October 11th - 14th) A large outdoor arts & crafts show.


The Town of Niagara on the Lake consists of 131 square kilometers and is located in the North-East portion of the Niagara Peninsula along the shores of Lake Ontario at the terminus of the Niagara River. It is a historical town where many buildings still retain their architectural flavour dating back 100 years & more. Niagara on the Lake takes the visitor for a walk back in time with all the modern amenities. It is perhaps the most scenic Town in the Niagara area. Walk or take a relaxing ride in a horse drawn carriage through the downtown core area. Perhaps the finest vineyards in Niagara are found here. Niagara on the Lake has a population of 113,238 people. Attractions include:

Fort George
A fully restored British garrison used during the War of 1812 to repel invading American forces. Built in 1797.

Shaw Festival Theatre (April 12th - October 24th)
A live professional theatre for the presentation of plays written by George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries.

Winter Wine Experience (February 11th - 12th)

Virgil Stampede - Virgil (May 18th - 20th)


The Town of Pelham consists of 125 square kilometers and is located northwest of the City of Welland. The Town of Pelham includes the communities of Fonthill, Fenwick, North Pelham and Ridgeville. Pelham is primarily an agricultural area where many farms abound. Orchards of tender fruit and grape vineyards are plentiful. The Fonthill area has undergone a building boom over the past dozen years with many businesses and neighborhoods being developed. Population is 14,343 people. Attractions include:

Comfort Maple
The Comfort Maple is the oldest living sugar maple tree. It measures ninety (90) feet in height and eighty five (85) feet wide. It is located on Metler Road in North Pelham.

Pelham Art Festival (May 12th - 14th)

Fenwick Lions Carnival (May 25th - 28th)

St. Johns Conservation Area



The City of Port Colborne consists of 123 square miles and is located on the Northern shores of Lake Erie at the Southern terminus of the world famous Welland Canal. It is the fourth (4th) largest City in the Niagara Peninsula. Port Colborne was built around the fishing and marine industry. Several public and private beaches are available. Sugarloaf harbor is a 900 serviced slip facility available for the weary sailors whether staying for a few hours or a few days. Population is 18,451 people. Attractions include:

The Welland Canal and Lock #8
The St. Lawrence Seaway & the Welland Canal is a must for all tourists. Lock #8 in Port Colborne is the longest lift lock in the entire St. Lawrence Seaway System. View the ships in the lock from a viewing stand located in Fountain View Park.

Canal Days Festival (August 3rd - 4th)

Showboat Festival Theatre - Roselawn Center Theatre

Annual Antique Power Show - Sherkston (June 30th - July 2nd)

International Week - Lakeview Park (July 8th - July 16th)


The City of St. Catharines consists of 95 square kilometers and is located along the Southern shores of Lake Ontario at the Northern terminus of the Welland Canal. St. Catharines is the largest urban area in the Niagara Peninsula and has a population of approximately 130,926 people. The largest industry in St. Catharines is General Motors of Canada. Attractions include:

Antique Carousel
Is located in Lakeshore Park in Port Dalhousie. It is one of the oldest hand crafted wooden merry-go-rounds in North America.
Henley Regatta Rowing Site
Is located in Port Dalhousie. World class rowing competitions are held at this rowing course once a year.

Welland Canal Lock # 3 Complex & St. Catharines Historical Museum
is located along the west side of the Welland Canal at Flight Lock # 3. This complex contains a restaurant, museum and viewing stand. A great view of both Lake freighters & Ocean ships entering and leaving the flight lock. A must for all tourists.

Port Weller Dry Docks
Is located on Lakeshore Road at the Welland Canal. View enormous ships being built, refitted or repaired.

Brock University
One of the finest education facilities in the Province of Ontario.

Octoberfest (October 12th -20th)
Bavarian food & entertainment festival at various locations.

Grape & Wine Festival ( September 20th - 29th)
A festival celebrating the end of the Grape harvest & wine production. A King & Queen are crowned each year. Festival culminates in Grape & Wine Festival Parade.

The Royal Henley Rowing Regatta - Port Dalhousie (August 7th -11th)

Annual Lake Ontario Salmon Derby (April 15th - May 14th)

Niagara Lifestyle Home Show - Garden City Arena (April 20th - 23rd)

Folk Arts Festival (May 13th - 28th)


The City of Thorold consists of 85 square kilometers and is located along the Welland Canal just South of the City of St. Catharines. Thorold is famous for the St. Lawrence Seaway and the twinned flight locks where "ships climb the mountain" of the Niagara Escarpment. Flight locks #4, #5, #6 & #7 are truly man made engineering marvels which must be seen by all visitors. Population is 17,883 people. Other Attractions include:

Thorold Tunnel
The Thorold vehicle tunnel was built under the existing Welland Canal approximately 28 years ago. Maintained by the St. Lawrence Seaway, it allowed quick access across the canal other than waiting for long periods of time at lift bridges. This tunnel is unique in its construction because it was built under an already existing canal.


The City of Welland consists of 81 square kilometers and is located along the Welland Canal between Port Colborne & Thorold. Welland is know as the "Rose City", and has a population of approximately 48,411 people. It is the third largest city in the Niagara Peninsula. The City of Welland was built on the strength of industries which settled here because of an abundance of transportation facilities. The population of Welland truly reflects the ethnic diversity of the United Nations. In June of each year, the City celebrates the Rose Festival (June 3rd - 18th) which is culminates in the Rose Festival Parade. Other Attractions include:

The Welland Canal

The Welland Canal is an omnipresent feature in Niagara. The fourth canal (current) was built in between 1913 - 1932, and stretched twenty-six (26) miles from Lake Erie at Port Colborne to Lake Ontario at St. Catharines.

Most Cities in Niagara were built along the canal such as was the case in the City of Welland.

The Welland portion of the canal until 1973, passed through the center core of the City. Its winding course made navigation difficult and three lift bridges across the canal made for many traffic jams & overheated tempers.

In 1967, in order to straighten the navigation channel, the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority began construction of the New Canal Bypass. This Bypass was cut from expropriated lands near the Eastern border of the city limits. It was 8.3 miles long, 350 feet wide at the bottom and 30 feet deep. In order to speed vehicle and rail traffic, two tunnels were built under the new bypass. The tunnels are located on Main Street (vehicular traffic) and Townline Road (rail & vehicle traffic).

In 1973 the New Welland Canal Bypass was officially opened for ship traffic.The old portion of the canal in the downtown core was closed. This section of the canal has become a recreational waterway. It is also a world class rowing course. All the former lift bridges along the old section have been replaced by stationary vehicle crossings however the shell of the Main Street lift bridge remains for tourists & citizens alike to enjoy & remember.

Niagara College
Niagara College is one of the finest community colleges in the Province of Ontario

Wall Murals
Throughout the downtown core artists from all over Ontario were commissioned to create twenty-eight (28) various wall mural paintings on the walls of business buildings. Take a walking tour through downtown Welland to enjoy these unique creations. The largest of these murals is found mounted on the front wall of the Seaway Mall on Niagara Street.

Niagara Regional Exhibition (September 11th - 15th)

Niagara Food Festival (October 5th - 6th)

Welland Folklore Festival (August 30th - September 2nd)


The Town of Wainfleet consists of 217 square kilometers and is located approximately 15 miles West of Port Colborne along Highway # 3. Wainfleet is an agricultural community. The feeder canal which served as the second Welland Canal between 1840 and 1881 intersects the center of the Town. Wainfleet consists of perhaps the second largest segment of land in the Niagara Peninsula. Wainfleet boasts many miles of Lake Erie shoreline. Long Beach Provincial Park provides camping and swimming areas along a half mile long sandy beach. Population is 6,253 people. Attractions include:

Wainfleet Fall Fair (September 19th - 21st)

Marshville Heritage Festival & Craft Show - Wainfleet Sports Complex
( August 31st -September 2nd)

Chippawa Creek Conservation Area
located along the shores of the Welland River. Camping, fishing, swimming & picnic area available.




The Township of West Lincoln consists of 383 square kilometers and is an agriculture based community consisting of many small villages. The largest is the Town of Smithville. West Lincoln is the largest geographical area in the Niagara Region with the smallest population base. It is located along the Western border of the Niagara Peninsula, South of Grimsby. Crops include various vegetables and assorted grains. Population is 11,513 people. Attractions include:

Smithville Fall Fair
(September 1st - 3rd)



The City of Niagara Falls consists of 212 square kilometers and is located along the Eastern border of the Niagara Peninsula and is situated along the shore of the Niagara River opposite the City of Niagara Falls, New York USA. It is the site of the world famous cataracts - Niagara Falls. Known affectionately as the Honeymoon Capital of the World...the City of Niagara Falls has a resident population of approximately 76,917 people. Tourism and natural beauty are the greatest assets of this City. Each year twelve (12) million visitors come to see Niagara Falls. Two International Bridges traverse the Niagara River to Niagara Falls, New York USA, providing an easily accessible Gateway for all our guests throughout the world.
Other Attractions include:

Winter Festival of Lights
- Queen Victoria Park (Niagara Parks) - (Nov. - Jan.)
A premier Christmas season light festival that has become larger and more beautiful each year. Walt Disney Productions has supported, sponsored and contributed to the success and beauty of this event by providing a gallery of Disney cartoon characters in animated light displays. Fireworks and live concerts for the likes of everyone of any age. Cost is free. Refreshment vendors on site. Dress warmly.











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The following locations and facts about them are but a few of many famous sites & attractions to be found in Niagara Falls. The best of it is FREE to think of Niagara Falls when planning your next vacation. If you have questions of a current or historical nature about the Niagara Falls area or suggestions feel free to e-mail Rick at